A Thanksgiving Fuck Fest Part 1 - Gogo Fukme, Paris The Muse, Destiny Mira
Published on: 24 Nov, 2022 5.59K views

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Petite Destiny Mira and Van Wylde are amping up for a sexy Thanksgiving together. Their families are out of the picture (or so they think), and long-legged Destiny sets herself up on the kitchen island like a beautiful, stuffed, oiled turkey! Van can't believe his eyes and is eager to have some kinky fun. However, as soon as the party gets started, Destiny's family bursts through the door and interrupts their sexy time. Destiny's new stepmom Gogo Fukme and her thicc friend Paris The Muse came for dinner, but end up snacking on sweet Destiny instead. The three sneak around the house, finding ways to fuck in all kinds of precarious positions. This Thanksgiving, they can be grateful for thick things, big titties, tight pussies, and a whole lot of cumming!
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