APOVStory - Kit Mercer - Initiation Pt. 1
Published on: 06 Dec, 2021 25.23K views

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It's Seth's birthday and Step-Mommy Kit Mercer and Step-Aunt Rachel Cavalli have a very special present to give to their sweet, albeit immature, 23 year old boy. The ladies believe that immaturity isn't necessarily a bad thing. The boy is fine, he's polite, smart, he's even graduated college, but they fear that he might want to move out of the home soon, and they just can not stand losing their darling stepson. They've devised a clever plan, they've went to a sex-shop that specializes in custom sex toys, and made Seth a present from their very own bodies, a pocket pussy! The hole is made out of Aunties sweet little honey pot, and the perfect petals of the labia were molded after his very own step-mommy. They've even masturbated so that their juices fit in a pump bottle. Why, you might ask? Well, the answer is simple: once the boy tries out the magical pussies of a good religious woman, he'll never be inclined to look anywhere else.
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