Double Dip - Alexis Fawx, Lily Rader
Published on: 29 Apr, 2020 19.12K views

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Alexis Fawx and her husband Scott Carousel are in the kitchen enjoying a lusty blowjob when Alexis's stepson Brad Sterling spies them. Alexis sees her stepson, so she finishes his father off and makes a big deal out of needing to go take a shower. She confronts Brad about his actions, and then tries to put the matter out of her mind as she goes to take a shower. She finds that she can't stop thinking of her stepson or of how much she enjoyed being watched. Brad has retreated to his bedroom to jerk off with his stepmother's panties when he hears his father come back. He tries to hide in the bathroom, and walks in on Alexis getting ready to shower! From there, he talks his way into watching his stepmother as he masturbates, and then into feeling her big enhanced boobs. The next thing Alexis knows, she's on her hands and knees letting Brad finger fuck her and then his cock is buried inside of her! She loves the way he feels buried in her twat, so she lets him keep going until he cums inside of her.
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