How Bad Do You Want This Job in HD - Keisha Grey
Published on: 11 Mar, 2021 10.54K views

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Keisha is hoping to land a swanky new job as a in babysitter for an upper class family. The stepmom is impressed, the small girl she will be babysitting loves her, now there is only one final obstacle which is pleasing the stepbrother. The stepbrother walks in and is surprised when he sees Keisha. His dick automatically gets hard, but he plays it cool since its their first time meeting. Later that day, he catches her on the couch and approaches her. He comes off super creepy right away by touching her leg for no apparent reason at all. He proceeds to ask how badly she wants this job, before she answers she explains that what hes doing is not OK. He continues, adamant about his feelings as he unzips her shorts. He explains how he has a super close relationship with his stepmom, and he pretty much has the final word when it comes to any household decisions. Keisha then realizes that she doesnt have the option to say no, so she starts to undress. She reveals a perfect round ass, amazing tits, and a hairy snatch thats perfectly kept. She sucks on the stepbrothers dick viciously, showing how committed she is to working for his family. She then takes a rough ramming doggy, only to have her tits cock slapped afterward similar to how Mike Tyson would knock around a speed bag for a pre-fight training routine. Watching those huge tits bounce and her juicy clit get rubbed was nothing short of a life altering experience. She gargles cum like a true babysitting professional, and still doesnt forget about the snack she made for his little stepsister. This girl is hired! Porn Star: Keisha Grey
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