Janitor Juice - Nikko Jordan
Published on: 19 Dec, 2018 15.04K views

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Sexy Nikko Jordan is on the phone telling her boyfriend how much she misses him. She also confesses that she had to buy a dildo to soothe her needs until he gets back. just as she hangs up the phone, Rodney the janitor shows to do a quick clean of the office so, he can leave early. Needing a little break, Nikko decides to excuse herself to the restroom for a moment while the janitor does his job. While in the restroom, she starts to have a little fun with her new dildo. She's having so much fun that she begins moaning loudly. Rodney hearing her moans of pleasure thinks she's in trouble and bursts into in the restroom to save her. Surprised and embarrassed, Nikko tells the janitor that it's been so long since she's had a cock, that she couldn't help herself, and offers to give him a bonus if he doesn't tell on her. It turns out that she also needs a huge favor
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