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Jonathan knocks on the door, and Kailani Kai answers, wearing a top that her tits are pouring out of. He came by to say hello to his new neighbor, and he likes what he sees: a curvy, 47-year-old hottie with a big rack. "My eyes are up here," Kailani says when she catches him checking out her tits. That's usually a woman's way of saying, "Fuck off." But not this time. "You're forgiven," Kailani says as she invites him into the house. Now his eyes are on her big, round ass, but when Kailani turns around, they're back on her tits. "So, you like these, huh?" she says as she invites him to grab them. "I like new neighbors," she says. Most of this scene is from your point of view as Kailani shows off her tits and ass, sucks cock, takes it between her boobs and then gets her hairy pussy fucked every which way, including in the all-important reverse-cowgirl and doggy-style positions so you can get great views of her ass while you fuck her. And, of course, you cum all over her
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Babe Kailani Kai Porn Videos
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