Leana Lovings and Cory Chase in Milking you for Fuel
Published on: 03 Apr, 2022 7.55K views

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Your wife, Cory Chase, is wearing purple lingerie as she starts to beg you to pay for gas and shopping. Gas prices are too high lately, and Cory wants to give you a strip tease. She pulls her big tits out from under her bra and she starts to play with her nipples in front of you. She has an even better idea, so she leaves the room and she comes back with your step-daughter, Leana Lovings. The two women are both wearing lingerie, and you're starting to feel your cock getting hard from under your pants. Leana pulls her panties down to the ground, and then Cory does the same. They start to tease you while you just watch them! They tell you to slowly stroke your cock up and down, while you watch them spread their legs in front of you.
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