Nightmare In Her Throat! in HD - Selena Blaze
Published on: 12 Feb, 2021 2.10K views

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Selena loves scary movies. Ghosts, monsters, maniacs...the crazier the better. Almost every night she curls up on the couch and watches one before she falls asleep. Its a habit that SOMETIMES has consequences. You see, Selena has a VERY active imagination. So whenever she falls asleep she almost always has dreams...or nightmares. And when she has the nightmares...they feel so real. She can literally feel like she's falling or flying or running. She can feel....everything. But what she's feeling now is terror! Cuz tonight Selena watched something REALLY scary. A masked slasher going around, wreaking havoc. The things that he did to those poor women...Selena can't get his crazed masked face out of her mind.... Normally Selena tries to finish every movie she watches. But this one might be a little too much so she turns it off. Cuz she knows if she keeps watching and has a nightmare, it'll be A LOT to process. Porn Star: Selena Blaze
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