Reagan Foxx – Sharing My Son-in-Law
Published on: 05 Sep, 2022 32.79K views

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Reagan Foxx does a letter-perfect acting job in this MissaX-penned video, bedding down with her son-in-law, well-played by oh-so-innocent-looking newcomer Joshua Lewis. She’s quite believable as a lonely divorcee whose daughter Laura (a key character who is kept completely off-screen, saves on extraneous salary) has kindly let her husband Josh entertain on platonic “dates” when she is away for long periods of time. The viewer has to accept this unusual relationship in the story set-up, but Foxx’s acting makes it believable. It’s obvious from the start that innocent Josh has a crush on the woman who’s been his mother-in-law for five years: he consistently calls her “Mom”. And a nice touch is his revealing that he got into hot water with Laura -he shows Reagan the panties he stole from her for prurient purposes. But Reagan clearly enjoys her company, and agrees that they can continue to keep innocently “dating”. He shows up with a bouquet of roses to take her out to a restaurant, and Foxx dresses up quite glamorously in stunning black one shoulder-bared gown. The set-up to the big moment of truth is wonderfully developed by Missa, as the odd couple are awoken at 6 a.m. In bed together -fully clothed – by Josh’s phone ringing: it’s wife Laura calling. He doesn’t answer the phone, but informs a hung-over Reagan that wife Laura has given him permission to fuck her mom. Incredulous at first, Foxx is gradually convinced that it’s okay to betray her daughter, and a hot sex scene results, climaxing in a realistic (if mandatory) creampie shot.
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