She Wants Dick Inside Her - Monique Lust
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Monique is a bewitching, titanic-titted-40-H, ruby red-haired, tattooed, Mature BBW sexy slut, who has a hankering for Jay’s jumbo-sized, savory sausage. After an informative Q&A, to get to know this newbie better, Jay vigorously plows his titanic tool, into her shaved snatch in missionary, as she groans, and cries out, in lascivious exultation. She then gluttonously savors sucking her slut juice, off of his gargantuan, meat stick, with whorish, wolfish hunger, gusto, and accomplished, oral aptitude, before moving into a tasty 69, so that Jay can have a taste of her honeyed hole. Moving her into doggie, Jay brutishly pounds his horse cock into her, while spanking her fat ass hard, making her moan, and howl, while wantonly thrusting herself back onto his cock, like a bitch in heat. Then she goes for a wild ride in cowgirl, mesmerizing us, with her gorgeous, big, fat ass zealously humping him, as she races towards her perverse Elysian, moaning, and wailing, in libidinous jubilation. After some more impeccable cock sucking, and frisky, titty fucking, Jay diligently drills his donkey dick into her in spoon, while she clutches her clit, and rolls of belly fat, in ecstatic fervor, while moaning, and screeching, in depraved rapture. Moving into the home stretch, Jay furiously fucks her tits, mouth, and pussy in missionary, until he finally covers her mammoth mammaries with a slathering of baby batter, leaving her happily, glazed and dazed. Porn Star: Monique Lust
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