The anal bombshell
Published on: 10 Dec, 2019 26.07K views

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This was the deal of the year!!! You won't believe your eyes. A terrible pissed woman dragged a blonde chick into out shop because she owed her a shitload of money. The beauty came with an expensive watch, but it still wasn't enough. I offered her a bonus if she comes with me to the back. My colleague went with her to test her and he discovered a gem of huge value. The cock-eyed princess had the body of a model, giant silicone tits and an appetite for anal sex!!! Together we fucked all the orifices we found. She got the first load of cum on her huge tits and she swallowed the second cuming. My colleague emptied himself into her asshole. It was such a load it started flowing out immediately. Double anal massacre with a busty bombshell! And also a watch that I will sell for five times more. I love my job!!!
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