The Art of Older Women:Part 2 - Kylie Page, Alexis Fawx
Published on: 26 Jun, 2022 3.00K views

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Kylie Page, aka Bonnie, has put up with enough of her lying and cheating husband. She's so fed up that this time it's the last straw, she's caught him cheating on her too many times to just sit by and take it anymore. But before trying to get payback she's thinking of divorce. Clean the adulterous fucker out for all he's worth. She calls up Alexis Fawx, a highly rated divorce lawyer with a certain expertise for revenge against adulterers. Alexis takes an appointment with the gorgeous young woman immediately. Bonnie comes in furious, and lists off the women he's been with, including her own sister, and a 70 year old woman with dentures! Well Alexis does her best to calm Bonnie down, and it comes to the point where Alexis even whips out a little seduction of her own, to help the poor helpless babe relax as much as Alexis knows is possible, with just a lick of the pussy here, and a lesbian kiss here and there. Alexis plays with Bonnie's supple boobs and teases her pussy. One by one, pieces of their clothes fly off and before long Alexis has Bonnie's throbbing red clit in her warm lesbian mouth and her expert fingers coaxing Bonnie's orgasm to a head. Finally Alexis climbs onto her desk and tribs with Bonnie, further increasing the lesbian sexual tension in the room. She climbs onto Bonnie's face, hungry to have her wet pussy licked and sucked until she cums all over the beautiful blonde's soft mouth.
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